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Online Archeology Resources for Kids!

Ever wonder how we know so much about the past? One way that scientists learn about it is through archaeology. Archaeology is the study of the past that is mainly carried out by excavating the earth and analyzing the remains of human fossils and remnants of past civilizations. Over the last several decades, archaeologists and researchers have developed many ways to help them figure out which time period an artifact is from or which culture it belonged to. Use the following resources to learn more about archaeologists and what they do.

  • Archaeology for Kids – There are many different types of fields that archaeologists work in, such as researching animals, exploring underwater wrecks or uncovering artifacts of humans on land.
  • Interactive Archaeology – Try some of these archaeology-based games, activities and quizzes, or browse through the book suggestions and interviews.
  • Facts About Archaeology – Learn more about archaeology and the people who work in this field with this series of fascinating trivia and facts.
  • Archaeology Glossary – If some of the words and terms get a bit confusing, refer to this online glossary for easy explanations of commonly used archaeology lingo.
  • A Kids’ Guide to Archaeology – Join Baroness de Badger as she helps to guide kids through the exciting world of archaeology with some famous examples and fun interactive games!
  • Archaeology Videos – Watch some videos on archaeology as well as some that deal with paleontology (the study of dinosaurs).
  • Dig MagazineDig is a fascinating and colorful magazine all about archaeology just for kids!
  • Underwater Archaeology – Archaeologists who study remains that have been hidden underwater have to be experts in their field but they also have to be very experienced scuba divers.
  • The Lost City of Arabia – Occasionally, archaeologists stumble upon entire cities that existed thousands of years ago. These types of ancient cities are typically buried under huge amounts of sand, rock and other sediment and it can take a very long time to dig and restore them.
  • Explore a Mystery Egyptian Tomb – Pretend to be an archaeologist and see how well you do at exploring this mysterious mummy’s tomb.
  • Ancient Egyptian Finds – Have a look at some real items that were found by archaeologists in various Egyptian tombs and find out what each object was used for.
  • Mummies and Tombs – Learn about some very special techniques and technology, such as CAT scan imaging, that archaeologists use to investigate delicate objects.
  • The Dig at ÇatalhöyükÇatalhöyük was a very ancient town dating back about nine thousand years ago! It is located within the area that is known as Turkey today.
  • Romans in London – Did you know that in ancient times, the English city of London was actually Roman territory! The modern name London is derived from the old Roman name “Londinium”.
  • All About Archaeologists – Find out what you need to do and study in order to become a professional archaeologist.
  • Bedroom Archaeology – Can your bedroom actually be an archaeology site? In a way, yes! Find out more about artifacts and why they are important.
  • The Bone Yard – Archaeologists often have to work very hard to get funding (that means money!) to support their projects.
  • Dirt Detectives – How does soil help archaeologists to determine the past? Find out how they discover history within the layers of the soil and dirt.
  • An Archaeology Quest – Play this game and learn how in real life, archaeologists have to complete an excavation and do their analysis while staying within a certain budget.
  • Stories in Coins – When archaeologists find coins buried in the ground, they can learn a lot from the coin by analyzing the metal it is made of, the year it dates back to, its value and the people who might have used it.
  • An Archaeologist’s Office – Snoop around an archaeologist’s office and explore the various tools and resources that they use in their jobs.
  • Underwater Wrecks – See how archaeologists explore wrecks that have been sunk on the ocean floor for hundreds and even thousands of years.
  • The City of Mohenjo-daro – Virtually explore a very old city in India called Mohenjo-daro, from 2600 BC, which was once inhabited by the Indus Valley civilization.
  • Discover the Ancient Mayans – Explore some ancient Mayan excavated sites that were gradually restored by many teams of archaeologists.
  • Adventures with the Time Team – Join a group of researchers and examine some of the artifacts and relics that they discover along their way.
  • Archaeology Lesson Plans – Bring archaeology to life in your classroom by carrying out a real dig with classmates, learning how to date objects, studying the soil and more!
  • Tips for Young Archaeologists – Zahi Hawass, one of the world’s top archaeologists, presents his very own list of advice and tips for kids who want to be archaeologists.